Friend Games

Friend Games

  • Have you ever wondered how can mobile games become even better?
    We wondered it too and came up with the answer, Play them with your friend's face!

    With Friend Games, you can play multiple fun interactive games with your personalized chosen face in one app.
    Get Friend Games and start playing with your friend's face on the following games:

    Pet Friend:
    Play with your friend as your pet!
    Feed him, Bath him, Put him to sleep, Dress him, and much more you can do with your friend in Pet Friend.

    Flappy Friend:
    Keep your friend in the air as long as possible, don't hit the pipes!

    Friend Hit:
    Play with your friend as the log and throw as many knives at it without hitting your own knives!

    Color Friend:
    Jump through the colored obstacles with your colored friend, Be careful not to jump in the wrong color!

    Keep It In:
    Keep your friend in as much as you can, don't let him touch the spikes!

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